About Us

Belief and Mission

Wings of Music Charity Foundation was founded in 2016 by Cherona Peng, Xiaodi Wang, and Tao Wang. The organization was registered in Hong Kong (Charity file number: 91//15395), designed to provide opportunities for children from low-income families to study classical music and arts for free.

As one of the most competitive economies in the world, Hong Kong has a growing disparity between the rich and poor, like some other developed economies. How to provide more equal development opportunities for children from low-income families has become an increasingly pressing issue. We believe that in addition to financial aid and free public education provided by schools, the cultivation of musical interests and appreciation in these children can have profound and long-lasting positive effects on their future. Learning music can increase one’s literacy, build confidence, and develop teamwork spirit. As students learn music and realize their own potential, they can also use what they have learned to give back to society, gradually becoming a responsible person who can contribute to society.
“Music Changes Lives”. Let every child have the opportunity standing on the stage, this is the mission and hope of Wings of Music Charity Foundation.

Expansion and Expectations

In addition to continuing the current instrument classes and choirs, we look to expand our operations to establish orchestras and dancing groups, and further expand performance opportunities so that more students can participate in concerts, demonstrate their music skills and share it with others. Therefore, in addition to the traditional stage, the Foundation looks to work with and develop together the “stage” of the broader community, combining traditional holidays and festivals with charity work and music performances. We hope musical arts and charitable actions together can send cascades of positive energy, attracting more attention and support from individuals, organizations and socially responsible firms to help provide more music education to local communities and low income families.